Hi, My name is Andrew but you can just call me Pajama or Jammies. I'm an artist currently studying to become an animator. I'm in a lot of fandoms. My blog mainly consists of anime and Homestuck.

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Best friends!!

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Tuesday Tips - FOLDS

More on folds today. I will eventually cover all types of folds but today is about simple folds on everyday clothes (t-shirt, jeans). The key is to know what to expect and then applying what you know to simplify what you see in front of you (when life drawing). A lot of the folds dynamics on shirts and jeans come from the “memory” of the fabric itself. Denim is thick and is likely to keep some form of wrinkles or folds around certain areas (knees). A lot of zig-zag patterns around the knee is very likely. When pushed down on the feet, the denim fabric will bunch up and combine with the zig-zag pattern. Shirts and t-shirts will react to the twist and pull of the arms and torso. Identify where the pull (or tension) is coming from and work from it. I tend to draw the seams because they clearly express the volumes underneath.



Space witch!

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Is it too much to ask for an update? or any news about an update for the game or the webcomic? I still haven’t forgotten… anyways~ This is Feferi crossed with a mermaid look we are pretty familiar with. I know I am missing details but I hope you still enjoy it! (I wonder which sign I am lol)

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glitch dream

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Aquariumstuck Feferi is the best Feferi 

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eridan its 3 am you need to stop roleplaying

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why the fuck wont this program die


I felt like drawing these two. 

if you look closely to the stars you will see it <3


I just really like Nepeta ok

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aayyyy lmao
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